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Clothing opp bags - high quality bags

Clothing opp package bag clothing opp bag has a high degree of transparency with a vertical sense and other characteristics, by the OPP single-sided folding side of the edge of the edge and in the opening of the tongue at the sticky self-adhesive seal, the use of products into the product to tear off the surface of the protective skin (Pearl film) and printing all kinds of bright patterns, can fully demonstrate the nature and characteristics of internal products, easy to use, nice, but also according to customer needs to print a variety of patterns and play Round hole, airplane hole.
Clothing opp bag is used for the sale of goods outside the packaging, both play a protective role, but also play a sense of value to improve the product, to keep the number of items to facilitate the transport and inventory convenience, is the storage of goods, transport protection, Product promotion play a good role in promoting, really is how much effort ah.

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