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Thicker shopping bags - quality assurance

Thick plastic shopping bags made of high and low pressure materials, double-sided printing, elegant yet stylish, colorful, beautiful printing quality assurance! New straight edge, portable look better. Bag raw materials for the new material; odorless, bag body transparent, clean and sanitary, supermarket store shopping essential, can be equipped with snacks toys and other fruits and vegetables widely used. Sided 3 silk (thin) suitable for cheap supermarket fruit shop, etc., affordable, double-sided 5 silk (thick) with the same size as a large supermarket shopping bags.
Our company is committed to thicken the purchase of plastic bags and other plastic bags of product development and production, proactive, the courage to blaze new trails, dare to learn good peer experience, has been the majority of peers and customers alike, and will continue to provide customers with more quality Products and services, we believe that the production of thick plastic shopping bags will be your satisfaction with the choice, welcomed the new and old customers to come to the specific consultation!

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