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Selection of translucent plastic bags

Translucent plastic bags are often used in our daily life, that in the end what kind of plastic bags good? The following is our choice of plastic bags easily into the misunderstanding:
The first big mistake, the thicker the more plastic bags the better. We often in life will see a wide range of plastic bags, so strong bag must be ok. In fact, this is not the case, plastic bags are strict standards, especially for food packaging plastic bags, must use regular manufacturers to produce, with relevant departments for approval of qualified products. Food plastic bags must be marked "food" words. Facing the light can see whether the plastic clean. Qualified plastic bags are very clean, no impurities, and poor quality plastic bags will see dirty spots, impurities. The thickness of the plastic bag must be above 0.025mm.
The second big misunderstanding, plastic packaging colorful, choose the color of the packaging more beautiful. Plastic packaging bags, although a lot of color types, but we must be careful when used, if the food used for loading items of plastic packaging, from the color to consider, be sure to use the color is simple, so at least it's less added.
The third major misunderstanding, plastic bags re-use. There are many families have the habit of storing waste plastic bags, in fact, storage as long as the attention of the use of clean and waste plastic bags can be, but do not use waste plastic bags for food, so that our health will be chronic hurt.

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