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Medical waste plastic - special plastic bags, feel very soft

Medical waste plastic bags feel more soft, rub soft when the basic sound will not be issued, more shiny, transparency is better; and low-pressure polyethylene film (HDPE) feel hard, rubbing soft will be issued when the rustling sound, transparency relative Darker.
Medical waste Plastic is a primary package for the storage of medical waste other than damaged waste. It must not be leaked, broken, perforated, and sized for normal use. It is easy to handle. When handling, it should be packed with medical waste Reliable sealing and placed in the turnover box, to avoid leakage and leakage of bags and pollute the environment. To replace the traditional ordinary plastic bags, the state must regulate the use of medical waste bags.
Our company is committed to the development and production of medical waste plastic products, proactive, the courage to blaze new trails, dare to learn peer excellent design experience, has been the majority of peers and customers alike, and will continue to provide customers with more quality products and services, I believe that our company's production of disposable medical garbage bags will be your satisfaction with the choice, more relevant information concerned about the source of plastic, welcomed the new and old customers to come to the specific consultation!

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