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PE plastic bags use

PE plastic bags made of polyethylene material blown film, with good transparency. PE bags for food, handicrafts, aerospace, electronics, petroleum, chemical, textile, coal, ordnance, defense and other industry packaging.

Tongcheng Maoyuan Plastic Co., Ltd. is a plastic bag with HDPE, LDPE, PP, OPP, PVC, PE, non-woven fabric, composite plastic and other materials. The varieties are vest supermarket shopping bags, hand hole plastic bags, Medical waste bags, envelopes with plastic bags, garbage bags and other types of plastic bags, product quality and cheap, courteous service, widely used in supermarket shopping, shops, hospitals, hotels, hotels and other enterprises. With our advanced equipment, first-class technology, high-quality products, good reputation, in similar enterprises in the achieved good results, enjoy a high reputation and reputation. Enterprises have been municipal municipal government awarded the "advanced enterprise", "home business" and "Star Enterprise" and other honors.

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