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Food grade plastic bags - identify skills

Food-grade plastic bags are often used in people's lives, many people think that food plastic bags are not toxic, the fact that this view is the crop, because some unscrupulous businesses and the existence of irregular manufacturers, making food plastic There are also toxic food plastic bags in the bag industry. Therefore, people in the use of the time must also be careful, then, how to identify the specific? There are usually six tips:

First, with the eye observation method

Non-toxic plastic bags were white, transparent or slightly transparent, uniform texture; toxic plastic bags were color or white, but the transparency is poor, more turbid, plastic surface tension is uneven, with small particles.

Second, with the ears to listen to

Hand shake the plastic bag, issued a crisp sound that is non-toxic plastic bags; and the sound is small and boring is toxic plastic bags.

Three, hand touch

Hand touch the surface of plastic bags, very smooth is non-toxic; sticky, astringent, waxy sense of the toxic.

Four, with the nose smell

Non-toxic plastic bags are tasteless; irritating smell or taste is not normal is toxic.

Fifth, submerged test method

Put the plastic bag into the water, hand to the bottom of the water, wait a moment, the surface is the non-toxic plastic bags, sink in the water that is toxic plastic bags.

Six, burning method

Non-toxic plastic bags flammable, flame tip was yellow, local was blue, burning like a candle like tears dripping, a paraffin flavor; toxic plastic bags are not easy to burn, from the fire that is extinguished, the flame tip was yellow, the bottom was green , Softening can be drawing.

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