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Environmental protection shopping plastic bags - less use of plastic bags, environmental protection is the most important

Environmental shopping plastic bags and ordinary plastic bags of the difference:

Plastic bags recycling value is low, in addition to the process of dispersion caused by the visual "white pollution", but also because the plastic itself is structurally stable, difficult to be natural microbial degradation, long-term in the natural environment does not separate, thus causing the potential for the environment The harm. Among the many plastic products, the supermarket shopping bag is an important source of "white pollution".

The bags are beautifully designed to attract people's attention. Environmental protection shopping plastic bags for material and functional innovation, so that it really achieve the purpose of plastic. More easily degraded, and the bag itself is of high quality, wear resistance, strong tensile strength, can be reused, can also be recycled in use!

Our company is committed to environmental protection shopping bags and other plastic bags of the development and production, proactive, the courage to blaze new trails, dare to learn good peer experience, has been the majority of peers and customers alike, and will continue to provide customers with more quality products And services, we believe that the company's production of environmentally friendly shopping bags will be your satisfaction with the choice, welcomed the new and old customers to come to the specific consultation!

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