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Those things can not be packed in plastic bags

Although the plastic bag has become an essential thing in our lives, but he is not what can be installed ah. This is not a few days on the Internet broke a group of pictures and video, a villager even holding a large plastic bag in the natural gas filling the oil wells filled with natural gas, filling a bag slowly. It is understood that the villagers are Zibo City, Shandong Province, Gao Qingxian Tang Fangzhen Dharma shop village villagers, due to filling natural gas do not have money, also attend to the danger, carrying a large plastic bag with natural gas to use home.

According to local news reports, large plastic bags are indeed natural gas, because there are many such wells, many villagers have to go home to the natural gas. Listen to the picture of the people said that they return home after the natural gas directly on the house, and then a pump out pumping, after pumping in the stove on the point of direct use. Natural gas, but flammable and explosive gas, they take out the pressure of the bag pressure, with the plastic bag to get the process, the plastic bag itself is not enough pressure to bear, in the transport process, there may be because the plastic bag can not afford Pressure or sealing is not good, it is likely to cause the leakage of natural gas, if an encounter fire, such as chemical fiber clothes sparks or static electricity, etc., are likely to cause gas explosion.

Hear these are scared, this is not the same at home placed an invisible bomb Well? Although there is no danger, I hope they do not want to petty cheap, and finally had to say that according to the plastic bag is really not a panacea, the use should also see the use of the object.

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