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PE, PO plastic bag the thinnest layer can do the thinnest

National packaging plastic bag inspection and testing center strict requirements of the supermarket PO portable vest bag, the face of the breakfast bag thickness must be more than 0.025MM, to prevent manufacturers to produce a variety of harmful ultra-thin plastic bags on the human body.

PO plastic bags because of the limitations of the material, the thinnest can be done 0.01MM, which requires the machine and the production process is very strict, otherwise it can not be produced, because the temperature material has a close relationship.

The general PE plastic wrap can be done 0.007MM, because the process is different, is the use of stretching production, plastic bags on the different, the general manufacturers to do the thinnest 0.015 or so, but the general plastic bags are packaged products, So the thinnest are 0.025MM, if not installed on the thin things, PE plastic bags can be the thickest 0.35MM or so, such a thick bag is generally installed a hardware is no problem.

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