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Plastic products is expected to become a new pillar of the future manufacturing of raw materials

Recently in 2013CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition on the concept of light room, the relevant person in charge, the work not only in light transmission, heat insulation and impact resistance has good performance, and the design sense, made of plastic furniture Furnish a different kind of artistic beauty.

Mention plastic bottles, foam and other plastic products, people tend to think of white pollution. But in fact, as the already green plastic industry, both in the construction industry or automotive, electronics and other industries among the new biodegradable plastic, photodegradable plastic has been able to minimize the white pollution on the environment damage.

At the show, the reporter also saw Zhejiang Baolv special environmental technology Co., Ltd. brought the most advanced plastic bottle recycling line. It is understood that the daily exposure of our drinks plastic packaging is the main component of polyester, and after cleaning, purification, reproduction, these discarded plastic bottles can be turned into fiber products can be used for clothing, bedding production.

In recent years, the state vigorously support energy-saving emission reduction enterprises. As has long been green plastic industry, plastic products is to become a new pillar of the future manufacturing of raw materials.

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