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Plastic products export Singapore outlook is optimistic

Singapore is the traditional exporter of Chinese plastic products. Plastic products are ranked 22nd among China's exports to Singapore. Singapore mainly from Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shandong imports of Chinese plastic products, imports in 2002 as follows:

First, Singapore imported 1,657 tons of plastic film from China, the import value of 9.414 million Singapore dollars (about 525.75 million US dollars, accounting for 34.4% of the total imports of new plastic film. China in the importing country and region ranked first. Other importing countries and regions are Hong Kong, Vietnam, France, Japan and Italy.

Second, Singapore imported Chinese plastic pipe 504 tons, the amount of 126.6 million Singapore dollars (about 70.7 million US dollars), accounting for 21% of the total imports of plastic pipe. China is the largest importer of plastic pipe in Singapore, other importing countries and regions are Japan, Taiwan and Italy, but Singapore's imports from these regions are much higher than China, which shows that China's plastic pipe has a clear price advantage.

Third, Singapore imported 847 tons of waste plastics from China, the amount of 696,000 Singapore dollars (about 388,700 US dollars), China ranks first in the importing country. Other major importing countries followed by Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan and Australia.

Fourth, the import of China's PVC plastic pipe 64 tons, the amount of less than 100,000 US dollars. Singapore imports products from Thailand, Malaysia, the UK, Ireland, Japan and the United States.

Fifth, the Chinese imports of plastic 322 tons, the amount of 1,454,000 Singapore dollars (about 81.2 million). Other major importing countries and regions are Japan, the United States, Malaysia, Germany and Hong Kong.

In 2002, China's annual output of plastic products more than 14 million tons, both in the industry scale, or in the total amount of plastic products, China has entered the ranks of the world's largest producer of plastic products in the world's total output of plastic products ranked first Seven.

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