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Imports of plastic raw materials prices continue to rise, the downstream business cost pressures

According to customs statistics, from January to October this year, Fujian Province, the cumulative import of primary forms of plastic 87.21 million tons, valued at 937 million US dollars, up 17.52% over the same period last year and 52.52%, so that the downstream cost of business pressure Increase.

It is understood that plastic because of its excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance and easy processing and other aspects of the advantages, and widely used in various sectors of the national economy and people living in various fields, and steel, wood, cement tied into a modern society 4 Large base material. This year, by the strong domestic demand and the international market, the impact of high crude oil prices, the average import price of plastic raw materials continued to rise, to the downstream production of plastic enterprises to bring greater pressure.

1 to 10 months of this year, Fujian Province, the introduction of primary forms of plastic varieties of the main varieties of prices rose. Among them, the primary form of polyethylene imports 210,800 tons, an increase of 8.43%; the average import price of 874.9 US dollars / ton, an increase of 44.04%. Primary form of polyethylene polymer imports 143,600 tons, an increase of 28.54%; the average import price of 875.7 US dollars / ton, an increase of 39.83%. The primary form of polypropylene imports 12.64 million tons, an increase of 25.75%; the average import price of 879.5 US dollars / ton, an increase of 24.91%.

According to the relevant departments, this year, the main reason for the increase in the volume and price of plastic raw materials imports, first, strong demand for domestic plastic raw materials. Relevant data show that in 2003 the world's plastic raw materials (synthetic resin) production has reached 200 million tons, in 2003 China's apparent consumption of plastic is about 30 million tons, becoming the world's second largest plastics consumer. However, China's petrochemical production process is still relatively backward, making the plastic raw materials, especially some high performance requirements of plastic raw materials heavily dependent on imports. Especially in the case of rapid economic development, plastic raw materials supply and demand caused by the gap must be made through a large number of imports to make up. Second, international oil prices continue to rise. Plastic products are very sensitive to changes in crude oil prices, the price transmission ability is very strong. This year the international oil prices all the way up, several times to refresh the historical high, plastic manufacturing costs also will rise steadily. At the same time affected by the rise in crude oil prices, some international manufacturers, including Germany and Taiwan related aromatics Ding and Japan's styrene plant parking production, which is to promote the price of plastic imports one of the reasons.

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