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Environmental protection under the Pokka shopping bags evolved wisdom

In recent years, the trend of environmental protection more and more hot, Hong Kong also implemented last year, the law of self-made shopping bags, the public if the purchase of things when the supermarket to provide plastic bags, then need to pay 5 cents a tax. Then, a show of the wisdom of the supermarket shopping bags of shopping bags in the past six months inside slowly appeared out.  

At first, the supermarket or continue to send free shopping bags, but there is no color and the quality of the cheaper version of the cheap, so that customers began to be psychologically prepared. Next, the charges began, 5 cents a, but the capacity is relatively small, it is estimated that the cost of recovery, at the same time, the supermarket is also about some of the sale of about 5 yuan to 20 yuan environmental shopping bags to encourage customers to buy after recycling, The general capacity is similar to the previous no need to charge the plastic bag almost.  

After some time, the market appeared in all kinds of different shopping bags design, priced from 10 yuan to 100 yuan have, the size of different. Recently, the author went to the supermarket and found the PARKnSHOP supermarket launched a new 5 cents shopping bags, good quality, large capacity, is certainly to lose money. From free, to recover the cost, to see as a profit model, and then to become a loss of business, which in the end is what is the same thing?  

Here, or we can from the author recently read a book "free" can find the answer: free is a fire in recent years a business philosophy, through the customer through the free products , resulting in greater potential profit. In order to tie in with the regulations of the government, the supermarket implementation of the charge of the plastic bag policy, the beginning is to recover the cost as the goal, but the implementation down, because these plastic bags with low quality, can carry things naturally less, and customers because every shopping Bags have to pay and not durable, naturally feel uneconomical, buy things slowly become less.  

Those good quality shopping bags appear, the customer may also need to buy the case, according to the reason to solve the above problems , but not always remember to bring in the body, the results, bought 2-3 After that and then feel uneconomical, so they changed back to buy only a little something even if the. In this way, the supermarket found that the cost of recovery of the road, even to reduce the number of shopping per single business, seriously affecting the overall sales efficiency. The wisdom of the enterprise, of course, will not sit idly by, so that there are now these 5 cents of the giant shopping bags, they are beautiful design, large capacity, customers only need to shop more than 88 yuan can be 5 cents redemption.  


That day, I saw almost every customer is happy to buy one after another giant shopping bag, and because the capacity of good quality, which are filled with things. Then, because it is only 5 cents, we do not need to bring it every time, the next time as long as you can buy a new one, in the long run, it can attract customers every time to go to the supermarket to Pokka , Because her 5-haired shopping bag is easier to use than other supermarkets for ordinary shopping bags. This shows that why PARKnSHOP has been able to stand in Hong Kong market leader position, she is absolutely free to grasp the concept of free!

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