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Product promotion - do not waste your bags

I believe we all know that the brand products are basically their own environmental protection bags, especially the apparel industry. No matter which brand, you buy a pair of shoes or leather goods, especially shoes, businesses will certainly give you a green bag. Then the merchant in the customer to buy his products, send an environmental bag just to allow customers to facilitate the walk is enough? I do not think it's enough. Customers carrying green bags through the streets, there are countless eyes can see it, so good show the opportunity, how can you waste it? He not only to meet the convenience of customers, but also the use of customers to help themselves to do publicity, this is the business of a two of its best and effective way to promote ah!

Although this is the case, but I still see a lot of brands do not seem to value their own products, environmental protection bags, I feel very pity. Here on the courage to talk about the author of the three bags of environmental protection that focus:

First, environmental protection bags to re-quality

A lot of brands, especially some small brands, they do just do not ask for cheap bags. As everyone knows, this kind of environmental protection bags not only failed to please customers, but greatly reduced customer confidence in the brand. why? Because we do the bag is not just the product can be safe to mention the home is enough, the customer certainly hope that the bags in the future shopping to buy things in the ordinary life can be used. Imagine if a customer holding your green bag to go shopping, buy a lot of things, a little heavy, if the quality of your environmental protection bag is not good, then on the street in the street on the bad, customers buy things sprinkle, this What will he think? I believe that his heart will certainly curse: "What is this broken bags, the quality is so bad, his products can be good where to go?" Look, this time your brand in his mind is not greatly reduced? Not only the customer's own, and even countless passers-by to see the brand's green bag caused the customer's embarrassed, in these passers-by, your brand also has a negative impact. Even if the situation is not as bad as the above imagination, others look at this environmentally friendly bags like a defective, the negative impact on the brand is also great.

So I believe that we must pay attention to the quality of their products, environmental protection bags. Some small companies may have to take into account the cost of the problem, had to cut costs in the case of environmental protection bags. But I think, even if not the best, but also try to do the best. At least do not look like someone like a defective product, do not worry about holding it to shopping at any time broken, or else who would like to take your green bags to shop? No one is willing to take the shopping, your bags can not help you do publicity, it is not more waste? If the quality of your bags is well done, others will be happy to take your bags to shop. As mentioned above, the opposite will be the case, the bags will not be bad, customers will think so: "This is really good quality of environmental protection bags, loaded so many things are affordable, even the bags can do so well Brand, that what is the product of his do not worry? "Look, your green bag is not for your brand extra points.

Second, the color of environmental protection bags or not three

I believe that the color of a green bag and the theme of the brand match the color, and not more than three colors. Because the color is too much, will make people kind of not upscale, very cottage feeling. Of course, if you are doing children's clothing, then you can also appropriate cartoon point.

Third, the green bag pattern to be simple, impressive.

As mentioned earlier, the green bag is another way to promote us. If your product sales is 800,000 a year, then there are 800,000 people in different cities across the country to use your bags in the crowd, it is an average of 10 bags will see (the actual number of possible Far beyond this figure), a year there are more than 800 million people to see your green bags, so good advertising, how can we waste it?

We printed the bag pattern is intended to allow others to see the moment in the bags, to deeply remember our brand. So the pattern must be simple, intentions obvious. I found that many brands do not attach importance to environmental protection bag pattern. Always printed a lot of villains, ah, flowers and grass ah, a lot of slogans ah what, completely do not see the focus. Some also deliberately printed some very deep and very complex patterns, how can someone specifically to study your design what meaning, guess and no prize.

So how easy is it? I believe that only need to print your product LOGO is enough! Really need it, you can also add a simple and powerful slogan, when others see the green bag, the first time printed into the eye is your brand LOGO, will deepen the impression of your brand. According to the above figures, more than 800 million people a year to see your bags, more than 800 million people remember you this product, and these people will feel that the popular is the brand, greatly Enhance your brand awareness.

The above is the author of the benefits of environmental protection bags to promote some of the views of the brand, put forward these views, is pure and want to learn from each other. If there are missing places, but also hope that the gods to be corrected. Perhaps, some big gods will say: "Now the Internet is so convenient to go to the rich network free release of information, more than 800 million people can see a year, why should the hard bag in the effort?" I think, Push the rich network is effective, but the promotion of the way no one will be too much, right? Besides, since the environmental protection bags have done, do not make good use of it is not a waste?
Well, the next opportunity, and then discuss how the product to do network promotion.

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