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Plastic bags are recycled

We all know that plastic bags have a great impact on the environment, but it does give us a great deal of convenience. Considering, we still need to use plastic bags, which improves the life of plastic bags, to our environment also played a protective role.

High-quality even the volume of bags manufacturers Jiazhong plastic to tell you a few plastic bags recycling approach, I hope you can use in the usual life to:

1. Plastic bags do knee: the plastic bag on the knee, so wipe or do gardening when you can protect the knee.

2. Plastic bags do gloves: pets in the stool can be used to pick up plastic bags when the gloves.

3. Plastic bag made the case board: peeling when the relatively clean plastic bags on the kitchen table, clean up from Ali will be more convenient.

4. Plastic bags do bags: If the home saved plastic bags rich in color, can also be creative to do the gift of "paper".

5. Plastic bags do shoe cover: less use of some disposable shoe cover. Work at home can put plastic bags on the shoes, or go out to the yard to take things, do not want to dirty slippers, you can put on plastic bags.

6. Plastic bags when the temporary umbrella: in the bag put a relatively large plastic bag, so suddenly rain, whatever the outcome can cover the head rain.

7. Plastic pocket pots: If the pot is deep, you can put some plastic bags at the bottom to fill some space, so do not have too much soil. Be careful not to plug the hole through the hole like.

8. If you have the habit of cooking on the side of the recipe, you can use plastic bags to wrap the rest of the recipe, leaving only the pages you need to refer to, so the book is not easy to dirty.

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