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OPP bags and PE bags of the differences and advantages and disadvantages

Many people do not understand the OPP plastic bags and PE plastic bags What is the difference between the following for everyone to sum up their differences, and advantages and disadvantages!

OPP plastic bags :

Features: hard, pull the same. Can not be stretched (two-way stretch stretch) monolithic folding, side seal welding, the longest length can not exceed 640m / m . Single length 1.28M , wide 0.6M .

Advantages: good transparency.

Disadvantages: easy to tear on both sides of the seal.

PP plastic bags : Polypropylene Polypropylene   

Features: hardness lower than the OPP , can be stretched (two-way stretch) pull into a triangle, the end of the seal or side seal (envelope bag), tube material. Transparency is worse than OPP .

PE plastic bags : Polyethylene   

Features: Formalin, slightly less transparent.

HDPE : high-density low-pressure polyethylene High density polyethylene feel crisp, and more for the horse folder bag.

LDPE : low density high pressure polyethylene low density polyurethane feel soft

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