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On the plastic bags of magical plastic bags of 30 small magical share

On the magical effect of plastic bags 1-5

1, summer, white vest wear a long time wash is not clean. You can wash the white vest first wash with a clean water, then soap or detergent gently rub a rub. After cleaning, then hit the soap or detergent gently rub it, no longer rinse, into the plastic bag, and tie a good mouth, in the sun drying 1 hour. And then pulled out scrub clean, you can make it white as ever.

2, plastic bags storage chestnut. Chestnut is packed in a plastic bag and placed in a basement with good ventilation and no temperature. Temperature above 10 ℃, the plastic bag to open; the temperature below 10 ℃, the plastic bag tightly retained. Initially every 7 to 10 days flip once, 1 month, the number of flip can be appropriately reduced.

3, the use of plastic bags ripening banana. Can be about 5 kg of bananas into the plastic bag, and then into a bowl or cup, filled with dry sand or ashes, with fine 10, half of the broken, inserted into the sand of the container, Pocket can be.

4, plastic bags stored sea cucumber. Sea cucumber sun dry, into the double non-toxic plastic bags, tie the bag, hanging in the dry and dry place, summer exposure a few times, so keep the sea cucumber will not deteriorate for a long time.

5, winter can be used non-toxic plastic bags storage cabbage. Indoor temperature is too low, the plastic bag can be used to cover the whole cabbage and tie the bag; if the temperature above 0 ℃, the plastic bag can be used to cover the upper cabbage, no Zhakou, root poke on the ground Can be.

On the magical effect of plastic bags 6-10

6, the rice into the composite plastic food bag, the bag of air squeezed out, close to the rice in the place with a rope tightened pocket, can prevent rice damp moldy.

7, the end of the spring, the red dates of exposure to a few days, the salt fried cool, a layer of red dates a layer of salt into the plastic bag or cylinder, sealed to retain, jujube can be safe summer.

8, fresh leeks into the plastic bag, placed in the cool and ventilated place, 3 days can be kept fresh.

9, fresh parsley tied into a small bundle, wrapped in a layer of paper, the root into the plastic bag, a little tied, and then the root down, placed in the shade. Use this method to retain parsley, 1 week is still fresh as ever.

10, chili string together, fully dry, take a suitable size of the plastic bag, the string of chili rope from the plastic bag at the end of the piercing, hanging under the eaves, every 1 to 2 months to remove the plastic bag to the pepper Sun drying This chili is neither raw insects fubai, also clean and hygienic.

On the magical effect of plastic bags 11-15

11, before and after the winter soles, dry radish, the radish drying to the epidermis dry, into the plastic bag, tie the bag with a rope, so store for two months, radish is not bad, not bran heart.

12, the hair side of the primer kneading into the group, into the non-toxic plastic film bag, tie the pocket, stored in the shade, the summer can be maintained for 3 to 4 days is not bad.

13, fresh mushrooms with water, tissue soft, easily metamorphic, the general family can be used to keep fresh salt water immersion. Mushrooms into 0.6% of the salt water for 10 minutes, remove and drain, packed in plastic bags, can be fresh for 3 to 5 days.

14, persimmon harvest, the election of full of uninjured fruit, into the 80 × 110 cm, 0.06 mm thick polyethylene bag, each bag of persimmon about 150, each bag by adding 500 grams of molecular sieve ethylene absorbent, sealed 0 ℃ cold storage at the back, you can cut off from fresh.

15, black fungus wrapped with plastic film, placed in a dry and cool place, not to moisture, can be stored for several years without deterioration.

On the magical effect of plastic bags 16-20

16, select the texture of good yuba, after drying to reduce the water to 12 to 14% or so, and then into the plastic film food bag, tighten the pocket, placed below 33 ℃ cool, ventilated, dry place to keep Can avoid damp moldy.

17, choose a variety of good, no damage to the apple, its paper into the plastic food bag, tighten the pocket sealed, stored in the lower temperature of the room or shade of the balcony, can be maintained for several months to six months is not bad.

18, stewed rice, in the 500 grams of rice to add 20 grams of vinegar, stew out of the rice is not sour, but more easily retained. Braised rice, according to the above dosage by adding 0.5% acetic acid solution, and then stew out of the rice briquettes into the plastic bag sealed in the dark environment at 30 ℃ for 15 days, its color, smell, taste and appearance, and Fresh rice is no different.

19, dry bread wrapped with the original packaging wax paper, wrapped in water soaked outside the paper, then loaded into a plastic bag dipped in water, tie the bag, put 1 night, the bread can be softened.

20, the washing machine drain pipe often due to bending and aging water leakage. Can be used 1 wide and 10 cm plastic bags, wrapped in the drain at the mouth of several layers, and then a longer plastic rope, from one end of the plastic bag cladding along the spiral groove to the other end around the tightening, so you can block Live water pipe cracks, not to leaking.

On the magical effect of plastic bags 21-25

21, the use of the furnace in winter heating the residents of the morning windows of the glass often due to water and ice and ice, ice melting, the windowsill on the water more than. If there are screens outside the window, white plastic film can be nailed to the wooden frame in the window, you can prevent the window glass icing, and can also play a cold effect.

22, plastic bags control heel chapped. Can be washed with warm water feet, with a clean and transparent thin plastic food bag wrapped in the heel, and then put on socks, generally mild chapped 1 to 3 days can be cured, severe 7 days can be more.

23, to immediately ironing the clothes, spray gun can be sprayed with water, and then all on a large plastic bag, tighten the pocket, and so on when the iron heat out, then pulled out from the bag All the clothes, all with a hot air, so that the clothes can be more flat and beautiful.

24, treasure cotton boots, the first with a damp cloth to wipe the shoes, dry, marked with shoe polish, wait a moment, with a brush brush, into the airtight plastic bag, the bag of gas, Pocket tight. This collection of shoes, shoes can prevent dry deformation and mildew.

25, a small amount of celery for a while to eat, can remove the yellow leaves, rotten leaves, bundles into a small bundle, put a little longer than the celery non-toxic polyethylene plastic bags, Songzha pocket, , Timely check ventilation, can save a few days.


On the magical effect of plastic bags 26-30

26, will be timely harvest garlic, through the drying, picking, cut garlic stem and root must, into the non-toxic polyethylene plastic film bag, sealed pocket, can be stored for a long time not bad. In the storage process, every two weeks, need to open the pocket, ventilation.

27, will just pick or buy back the fresh, harmless cucumber, into a small plastic food bag, each bag 1 to 1.5 kg, Songzha pocket, on the indoor shade, summer can store 4 to 7 Day, autumn and winter when the indoor temperature is low, can be stored for 8 to 15 days.

28, knitting sweater, the fake if the time with more than two groups of cashmere, they can be placed with a plastic bag, so that the thread of the group from the bag on the different holes piercing, you can avoid the thread in the weaving process In the twist together.

29, selected green ripe tomatoes, placed in a cool place before the cold, remove the sick insects, put it into the polyethylene plastic film bag. Each bag is about 3 to 5 kg and can be stored at a temperature of 28 to 30 ° C for 10 to 15 days; at 15 to 17 ° C for 15 to 20 days; 12 ℃ temperature, can be stored for 20 to 30 days. During storage, the bag should be lifted every 3 or 4 days.

30, with plastic bags storage garlic sprouts. The garlic sprouts, the aging of the stalker, and the parts that were too thin, too short and injured, were left in good condition, tied with a plastic strip weighing about 1000 grams, removing the remaining leaf sheath, cutting the long bark on the bracts , Stay 5 cm long bracts, and then put the sprouts on the shelf pre-cooling 24 hours, and then into the plastic bag storage, pocket to tie, place the lower temperature, can be stored for some time not bad The


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