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Small plastic bag market big article

Tobacco online Zhuangao For every day around the farms, shopping malls, the general public in terms of, since June 1, 2008, a small plastic bags, and this people are closely related to the goods, no longer a free lunch , The use of plastic bags to implement a paid fee. So far, "plastic limit order" effective one year, with a small plastic bag this relationship to the livelihood of the big problem, the reporter interviewed a number of retail businesses and consumers, let us listen to their point of view.

Retail customers: Yan Shisong

Name: hair supermarket

Retail Format: Large supermarket

"Plastic limit order" introduced, the use of plastic bags significantly reduced

To say from the "limit Shuo" since the implementation of what effect? The effect is of course. From the use of our supermarkets now the use of plastic bags, the implementation of "plastic limit order" after the use of plastic bags significantly reduced, only "51 small holiday" 3 days, the use of plastic bags and the same period in 2008 phase Than to reduce the nearly Qi Cheng. Of course, although the implementation of such a long time, but some customers still to our cashier to plastic bags. To this end, our cashier not only to collect money, but also responsible for the interpretation. In order to allow more customers to know the meaning of the use of plastic bags at the peak of these sales, we set up a number of specialized advice points in the store every holiday season to facilitate the consultation of consumers. If you want to say "limit plastic order" came out to the present, there is no impact on the business? At the beginning of the consumer a little bit of emotion, but now much better, from the sales point of view, should be no impact, 09 "51" and 08 year sales compared to a slight increase. Now, there are many customers to the store shopping, will own with shopping bags, shopping baskets, so to a large extent reduce the use of plastic bags, can not but say that since the "limit Shuo" since the implementation of a major achievement The

Retail customers: Shen Ya poetry

Name: Shopping Times

Retail Format: Medium Supermarket

Another way to reduce the paid use of plastic bags

In 2008, before the plastic bag has not been paid for use, I will pondering, a small plastic bag, to start charging customers, so long for a free gift to the customer, you are now charging, many people will not Willing, do not collect money, increase operating costs do not say, but also in violation of the "plastic limit order." I supermarket sales of goods is relatively large, there is no real use of plastic bags before the use of a day to use six or seven hundred plastic bags, a year down, but also a considerable number of pen. In this case, I thought of a classmate, he is the factory director of the winery, usually no less here in my free release of some publicity pictures, posting ads, gifts and exquisite advertising bags and so on. So I took advantage of this relationship, redesigned their advertising bags, and designed advertising slogans and their business philosophy, that is, by them to provide advertising sources, by me to expand their advertising for them Affect, so that not only I have not been lost, do not need to spend money to buy another bag. Because this paper bag is convenient and practical, and the value of repeated use is high. So, many consumers are running me here to buy goods, through such a means, not only to improve the visibility of the winery, but also to enhance the store's sales.

Retail customers: Wu Haijun

Name: Haijun department store

Retail format: small grocery store

Point of view: the implementation of difficult, increase supervision to continue

"Shuo Shuo" implementation has been a long time. Tell the truth, the competitiveness of these individual businesses can not and some large shopping malls, supermarkets, do not say a plastic bag charges, that is, more than some of the goods sold more than two cents, there will be a lot of consumption Unhappy, that we are mercenary. Through my own observation, that is now, you go to the farms to buy food, buy chicken meat and eggs, those businessmen will still provide a free plastic bag to you. Those businesses do not know free to provide plastic bags illegal? Of course You want to collect money, maybe children will destroy a business, and a business compared to the two cents a plastic bag and what is considered.

Of course, this is the psychology of many small retail stores. Because these retail operators and those supermarkets can not be compared, not to mention the peer competition is very intense. If you want to collect these extra dollars, those consumers must be opinion, so that their own competitive strength, and sometimes to peer "down" the next call, do negative publicity.

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Although the "plastic limit order" has been the introduction of nearly a year, from the operational level, the supermarkets than some small retail business operations in place, so that the "plastic limit order" work long way to go. From the "plastic limit order" since the implementation of this directly related to the immediate interests of consumers initiatives, our consumers around what is the view, let us listen to their point of view.

"Plastic limit order" may damage the interests of consumers

We all know that in the past in the shopping process, these plastic bags are provided by the business free of charge, as a kind of sales of goods to add value, although the business expenses of a certain cost, but the business is always profitable, even put a certain Of the cost of capital, but also through other channels to make up, so that the implementation of paid bags of plastic fees, this part of the cost of the country how much income? How much of this fund can be used for environmental protection?

- Lianshui County, Jiangsu Province, Tong Li garment factory manager Zhu Jinwu

"Plastic limit order" as "ban plastic order"

On the plastic bag "environmental protection" should not only rely on the limitations of economic means to achieve, but to rely on the subtle development of education, people in their daily lives to consciously reduce the use of awareness of the destruction of environmental objects, and gradually achieve universal support for environmental protection Purpose, if you really want to ban the use of plastic bags to achieve the purpose of environmental protection, it would be better to ban the use of plastic bags.

- Jiangsu Province, Lianshui County Yangkou middle school teacher Gu Tongwen

Two-pronged approach to "plastic"

I think, first of all to solve this problem from the source, if the real production of plastic bags manufacturers do not produce, do not sell directly from the production of the first link to start, is it more effective, why have to sell from the middle Link to start it? If consumers can still enjoy the way through the currency to enjoy the goods, but added a vendor pricing links, and ultimately will fall to the "consumer" link up, that the so-called "green" naturally became a dead letter.

- Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province, tobacco company account manager Wang Jian

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