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PE plastic bags to share with you as a plastic bag industry is a substantial increase

PE plastic bags high-quality manufacturers Tongcheng Maoyuan Plastic Co., Ltd. to a new management model and excellent quality for the survival of the fundamental. Today, Maoyuan Plastic shares with you as a plastic bag industry is a substantial increase, see below.

PE plastic bags as consumables, in the convenience of product packaging and daily life at the same time, but also to the environment a considerable harm. Expert analysis found that in recent years the number of domestic manufacturers of plastic bags showed a steady increase in the trend of processing plastic bag manufacturers, industry capacity can be greatly improved, this area to meet the growing demand for plastic bags, on the other hand to reduce the import of plastic bags Dependency. Now imports of plastic bags to polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride (these two materials, accounting for more than 60% of the total imports. In addition to most of the domestic plastic bags can be basically self-produced and self-sufficiency.

Tongcheng Maoyuan Plastic Co., Ltd. will sincerely look forward to every new and old customers here, we will always be the best quality products for your service, welcome patrons!

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