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Safety is the primary development principle of plastic packaging industry

Lightweight plastic packaging can alleviate people's concerns about environmental protection and sustainable development, more and more people choose to package better, faster production, packaging itself, strong and weight reduction of products, the day of large-scale sales of products , The amount of resin on each package a slight reduction in the amount of business can bring considerable economic benefits, in particular, the price of resin raw materials has never been improved under the premise of more and more enterprises on the packaging lighter weight issued more and more interest.

With the people living environment and the continuous improvement of environmental quality, green, environmentally friendly, low-carbon plastic packaging will be more and more people's respected. Plastic packaging has been mainly to the food packaging to industrial packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, building materials packaging, cosmetics packaging and other fields, its use and prospects will become increasingly broad.

At present, the market share of plastic packaging in the packaging industry in the proportion of more than 30%, as the packaging industry in the new force in the food, beverages, daily necessities and industrial and agricultural production in various fields play an irreplaceable role. Plastic packaging industry in the future mainly show three major development trends:

Plastic packaging will go green, plastic packaging waste caused widespread concern in society. Strengthen the scientific management and utilization of plastic packaging, the maximum recycling of waste plastics, and the gradual development and utilization of biodegradable plastics, in the country, biodegradable plastics have been greatly developed, vigorously develop and promote the use of biodegradable plastics is a matter of urgency The

Plastic packaging will be lightweight, reduce the weight of packaging, lightweight refers to the use of fewer materials to produce packaging, weight loss on the packaging, the environment and business, are profitable, in general, plastic bottles, plastic jars , Plastic hoses, and plastic caps are more likely to achieve weight loss targets.

As a good development prospects of an industrial, plastic packaging market should be taken seriously. Enterprises and customers do a good job of communication, not arrears, in addition, for the plastic packaging market, banks should reduce the threshold, timely support for its funds, so that the plastic packaging market is more able to have more open prospects.

Six ways to make plastic packaging more environmentally friendly

Plastic packaging performance, in the packaging industry occupies a large proportion, but because of the use of plastic packaging become more and more widely, environmental issues followed, to green on the basis of the other hand, but also to enhance the functional and high performance packaging The And plastic packaging materials enterprises can be in the following aspects of reference for further improvement and upgrading:

First, innovative and research and development of new plastic materials and new processing technology, so that more excellent performance of plastic packaging materials, and the use of new materials, high performance, to achieve the reduction of packaging materials;

Second, to promote the plastic blending technology, plastic additives and application of new technology and the development of plastic packaging materials to ensure non-toxic, health, environmental protection under the premise of the use of low-cost technology to enhance the performance of plastic packaging materials, Provide the possibility;

Third, improve and improve the plastic recycling processing technology, the plastic packaging materials recycling rate increased significantly to improve and eliminate plastic packaging materials caused by white pollution risks, improve resource utilization;

Fourth, the development of bio-based plastic, effective regulation of biological plastic degradation time and cycle, in full play the role of bio-plastic packaging materials at the same time, reduce and eliminate plastic packaging materials on the ecological environment pollution and impact;

Fifth, through independent research and development and technological innovation, reduce the cost of plastic packaging new materials, new technologies to avoid the cost is too high, many green packaging of plastic materials can not be a large area of ​​application problems;

Six is ​​the development of intelligent and other advanced packaging technology means, the use of some plastic packaging materials with edible, water soluble and other characteristics, reduce the amount of packaging waste generated, improve the safety and environmental protection of plastic packaging performance.

Although the biodegradable biomaterials can not completely replace petroleum-based plastics, the proportion of applications is increasing year by year in the encouragement of national policies and in the promotion of enterprises. As a packaging material, especially food packaging materials, safety is the most basic in principle.

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