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Plastic bag printing process to know how much

With the continuous development and progress of society, people gradually improve the living standards, plastic bags can be widely used, has become an indispensable daily convenience tools. However, in the plastic bags to obtain the majority of the market, most of the small and medium-sized plastic bag factory production interests, ignoring its professional and technical knowledge, the production of plastic bags over poor, leading to the plastic bag industry is difficult to expand. Here we will explore the plastic bag printing and production process.
Plastic bags printing and production of three main elements:
First, blown the film, the plastic particles into the blown film machine through the processing of heat made of plastic film. Here the quality of plastic film depends on the quality of plastic particles, high-quality particles blowing the film is definitely better than poor quality.
Second, printing, printing is divided into embossing, gravure, lithography, silk screen, and several other ways, and plastic bags are usually gravure printing, the use of the machine is gravure machine (commonly known as printing press). Of course, in order to print a good color must master three points, one skilled control of the printing press sets of skills, the requirements of the various parts of the tension control design is reasonable; the choice of its two plates is very important, gravure plate production hand Version of the two versions of the color, the choice of the three ink and the use of high-quality ink printing effect is better, but also pay attention to the use of the amount of the process to control the appropriate, not more Can not be less.
Third, sealing and cutting, sealing and cutting is very simple, that is, the use of sealing and cutting machine to print a good plastic film cut into plastic bags .
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