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Put the huge business opportunities behind the plastic bag

It is reported that foreign plastic bag manufacturers will also face cut production, because the use of restricted plastic bags become the focus of the national standard. In the past, California supermarket stores will provide consumers with a one-time vest bag to facilitate the shopping needs of consumers. But recently, the parliamentary council passed a provision that would ban the California supermarket business to provide consumers with a one-time vest bag. The passage of the rules, marking the United States will become the first US to disable the disposable vest bag of the state, which also attracted a lot of attention from the Chinese media.

Because in California vest bag manufacturing industry, Chinese business investment accounted for a large part of the proportion. Industry insiders generally believe that the introduction of this bill will be a one-time vest bag manufacturers caused a serious impact. But for those in time for the transformation of the plastic bag manufacturers, this seemingly "unfortunate" behind the bill, but hidden a huge market development space. In the ban on business to provide consumers with disposable plastic bags at the same time, the super can provide consumers with paper bags, green vest bags. In California, reusable plastic bags , also belong to the green bag, so that for the plastic bag manufacturers to provide an important business opportunities, the future market potential optimistic.

According to reports, California provides plastic bag environmental protection bag thickness of at least 2.25 mil, this plastic bag through a special design and production process, can achieve the purpose of re-use. Its bearing capacity must reach more than 22 pounds, carrying more than 175 feet away, the number of repeated use more than 100 times. While the California order prohibits the disposable plastic bags, the thickness of only 0.6 pounds, exhausted, the greater the harm caused by the environment.

At present, there are plastic bags manufacturers began to actively plan for future production, some manufacturers began to invest funds to purchase new equipment, specializing in the production of environmentally friendly plastic bags. There are industry insiders predict that the future, plastic bags will become the people on the market products.

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