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Plastic bag big coffee show

There are many large-scale show, that is, fashion shows and other fashion shows, many designers also use innovative methods to attract the world's attention. Environmental fashion is the creation of designers. These environmentally friendly fashion is made of discarded plastic bags . Can you imagine what that is?
Xiaobian here to tell you about slightly. The fashion show is mainly to environmental protection as the theme, combined with the current social awareness of environmental protection to start a show. The environmental fashion show mainly around the two themes to carry out. The first theme is to use the plastic bags to create cheongsam, the cheongsam or improved version of the. Its main material is abandoned daily newspaper, its main environmental protection fabric is made of plastic bags made of buttons and so on. In addition to improved version of the cheongsam, there are very stylish and elegant dress, are full of personality display, in the model of the walk to create a dancing effect, so that the audience feast for the eyes, amazed. The second theme is done by relying on discarded plastic bags made of. Discarded plastic bags made into a section of gauze, and some were cut into a wedding dress, a bit made of chiffon, in short, all kinds of magnificent. People would like to wear to show about environmental protection style.
In short, the environmental show is very successful, but also people shines. Also hope that more and more plastic bags to use, to bring you surprises. Make good use of plastic bags, in fact, life will be better.

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