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The future of waste plastic bags can be made into carbon nanotube computer manufacturing

When the plastic bag is discarded, it seems that in addition to recycling plastic products again, it is useless. Now, scientists from the University of Adelaide in Australia have found another place for them - the production channels for carbon nanotubes. Researchers at the School of Chemical Engineering at the school have previously developed a method for generating carbon nanotubes on alumina membranes.


Tariq Altalhi, who is currently studying for a doctorate, found that any carbon source can be used in the process of carbon nanotubes. He cut the non-degradable plastic bag into pieces and then put it in the furnace for evaporation. The amount of carbon was not only exceeded the target value, but did not produce any toxic substances in the process.

The use of carbon nanotubes is very broad, it is actually in every corner of our lives - solar panels, ordinary batteries, scalable components and the recent emergence of carbon nano-computer.

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