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How to use shopping bags correctly

Plastic shopping bags bright colors, easy to carry, not afraid of wrestling, in daily life and industrial and agricultural production is widely used by consumers. However, the plastic bags, especially food bags, the use of incorrect words, will be detrimental to human health, therefore , Tongcheng Maoyuan Plastic Co., Ltd. to remind the majority of consumption in the use of shopping bags in the process should pay attention to the following matters The

First, as little as possible with plastic bags cooked food. Shopping plastic bags packaged cooked food, often caused by food deterioration, after eating, prone to vomiting, diarrhea and other food poisoning symptoms. In addition, the plastic bag itself will release harmful mention, in the sealed environment in the long-term accumulation, the concentration will increase over time, thus polluting the bag of food, affecting human health, especially for children's health development has a prominent impact The

Second, do not use ultra-thin plastic bags. Ultra-thin plastic bags light weight, thin thickness, but the load-bearing capacity is very strong, because the plastic bag manufacturers in the production process by adding a plasticizer, and this plasticizer is extremely detrimental to human health.

Third, do not buy plastic bags of alcoholic food. Alcohol foods, oil-containing foods will lead in the plastic bag of polyvinyl chloride into the food, and this plastic bag can not hold the temperature of more than 50 degrees of food. In addition, ordinary plastic bags can not be filled with food into the microwave heating, plastic bags easy to produce carcinogenic substances, the human health is very negative, consumers should use a special microwave heating plastic film heating.

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