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Maoyuan Plastic Industry to tell you around the world on the provisions of shopping bags

2003 New Year's Day, with 22 million people in Taiwan Province each year to spend 20 billion plastic bags, equivalent to more than 900 per person. The supermarkets announced plastic bags charges, consumers want to use plastic bags when shopping, will have to pay the cost of each 1-3 yuan. The store made environmentally friendly shopping bags in the checkout table sales, convenient for customers to choose. Shopping bags include spring-type folding bags, according to the material differences and size, price range. Careful point of the store and even the effect of insulation shopping bags, so that people buy frozen food when the use of more convenient. Tomb-style shopping bags designed for housewives and silver-haired people are also very intimate design. There is a pay for a free life of the decomposition of plastic bags, consumers only spend 10 yuan, when the plastic bag can not be used, you can get back to the store free of charge. Supermarkets forget to bring customers with shopping bags, consumers can pay 50 yuan deposit can be temporary store shopping basket, the next shopping basket also pay back the money.

Korean shopping malls do not offer shopping bags

Shopping in Korea, no matter how expensive you buy in the mall, shopping malls will not give a shopping bag, if the guests do not have their own bags, it is necessary to spend 100 won (about 0.8 yuan) to buy paper bags or plastic bags. Of course, the store will be the original price to recover these bags, customers can also use the country's old bags to the store or supermarket for new bags.

South Korea in 1999 after the implementation of shopping bag charges system, the use of plastic bags reduced by 60%.

South Africa to promote green shopping bags

Starting from May 9, South Africans will find themselves in the shopping bill appeared on some of the previous items need to pocket. New shopping bags with a thickness of 30 microns below the plastic shopping bags will be banned, why use a new thick plastic shopping bags, is the government wants to encourage people to use these shopping bags, because at least they bought these bags The New shopping bags require the use of environmentally friendly printing ink and the reduction of bag pattern printing to ensure that shopping bags are suitable for recycling.

In addition to the standard plastic shopping bags, customers can also shop in the store to provide a larger, more durable special shopping bags. If the customer orders the goods by phone, but also choose to use bags or boxed, businesses will be based on different packaging to charge. This new requirement will reduce the amount of plastic bags used in the country by 50%.

Irish tax on plastic shopping bags

In order to curb the use of plastic shopping bags crazy to reduce the white pollution, the Irish government from March 4 this year to take environmental protection measures, for each plastic shopping bag levy a tax equivalent to 13 cents, all the funds received by the newly established Environmental Fund Terms Environmental Protection Project. Practice shows that this practice to curb the white pollution, very effective, the use of plastic bags plummeted by 90%. At the same time, the tax has raised a considerable amount of money for Irish environmental projects, and the national environmental awareness has been improved. This has aroused great interest from its neighboring UK Department of the Environment, and the British government is interested in studying the policy of environmental taxes on Irish plastic bags.

Bengal, Bhutan banned plastic bags

Bangladesh has banned the use of plastic bags since March 2002. Before the implementation of this ban, the capital of Dhaka's 9.5 million people per day to consume 10 million plastic bags. After the promulgation of the ban, the country's 315 production of plastic bags for domestic use of all closed factories, the amount of plastic bags reduced by 90%. In Bangladesh, persons who are legally required to import or sell plastic bags are liable to a maximum of 10 years' imprisonment and a six-month imprisonment for plastic bags. Some businessmen were fined and fined up to $ 2,000. But so far no one has been in this prison.

Bhutan from the beginning of 1999 to prohibit the use of plastic bags, before this, the parties spent three years to discuss this issue. After implementation, Bhutan's use of plastic bags is reduced by 50%.

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