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Mao Yuan Plastic tells you plastic classification

Plastic bags can be divided into OPP, CPP, PP, PE, PVA, EVA, composite bags, co-extruded bags and so on.

OPP plastic bags:

Features: hard, pull the same. Can not be stretched (two-way stretch stretch) monolithic folding, side seal welding, the longest length can not exceed 640m / m. Single length 1.28M, wide 0.6M.

Advantages: good transparency.

Disadvantages: easy to tear on both sides of the seal.

PP plastic bags: Polypropylene Polypropylene

Features: hardness lower than the OPP, can be stretched (two-way stretch) pull into a triangle, the end of the seal or side seal (envelope bag), tube material. Transparency is worse than OPP.

PE plastic bags: Polyethylene

Features: Formalin, slightly less transparent.

HDPE: high-density low-pressure polyethylene High density polyethylene feel crisp, and more for the horse folder bag.

LDPE: low density high pressure polyethylene low density polyurethane feel soft.

PVA plastic bags: vinylon

Features: environmentally friendly materials that dissolve in water. China can not produce this raw material, are imported from Japan, expensive, more in foreign applications.

Advantages, soft and transparent, pollution-free.

CPP plastic bags:

Features: non-toxic, athenian formalin, can be compound, transparency than PE good, slightly worse hardness. Pull will grow out, soft texture, PP transparency, PE soft.

Composite bag

Features: side seal strength prison, can be printed, the ink will not fall off.

Co-extruded bags:

Features: good transparency, soft texture, can be printed.

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