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PE plastic bags of magical effect

1, summer, white vest wear a long time wash is not clean. You can wash the white vest first wash with a wash of water, then soap or detergent gently rub a rub. After cleaning, then hit the soap or detergent gently rub it, no longer rinse, into the plastic bag, and tie a good mouth, in the sun drying 1 hour. And then remove the scrub clean, you can make it white as ever.

2, PE plastic bag storage chestnut. Chestnut in a plastic bag, placed in a well ventilated, stable temperature of the basement. Temperature above 10 ℃, the plastic bag to open; the temperature below 10 ℃, the plastic bag tightly preserved. Initially every 7 to 10 days to flip once, 1 month, the number of flip can be appropriately reduced.

3, winter can be used non-toxic PE plastic bag storage cabbage. When the temperature is above 0 ℃, you can use the convenience bag to pull the cabbage from the upper part, do not Zhakou, root poke down on the ground that can be used to keep the whole cabbage, can.

4, the use of PE plastic bags ripening banana. Can be about 5 kg of bananas into the convenience bag, and then into a bowl or cup, filled with dry sand or ashes, with 10 fragrant, semi-broken, inserted into the sand of the container, Pocket can be.

5, PE plastic bags stored sea cucumber. Sea cucumber sun dry, into the double non-toxic bags, tie the bag, hanging in a dry place, summer exposure several times, so keep the sea cucumber will not deteriorate for a long time.

6, rice into the PE plastic bag food bag, the bag of air squeezed out, in close to the place where the rice tied with a rope pocket, can prevent rice damp moldy.

7, the end of the spring, the red dates of exposure to a few days, the salt scoop cool, a layer of red dates a layer of salt into the convenience bag or cylinder, sealed, jujube can be safe summer.

8, fresh leeks into the PE plastic bag, placed in a cool and ventilated place, within 3 days to keep fresh.

9, before and after the winter soles, dry radish, radish drying to the epidermis after dry, into the bag, with a rope tightened pocket, so store for two months, radish is not bad, not bran heart.

10, fresh parsley tied into a small bundle, wrapped in a layer of paper, the root into the convenient bag, a little tied, and then the root down, placed in the shade. Save parsley in this way, still fresh in 1 week.

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