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Contact: Cheng Jihong

Mobile: 13705562082

Tel: 0556-6810247

Address: No. 17, Health Road, Xindu Town, Tongcheng City

Tongcheng Maoyuan Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, is located in the "plastic town", "East China Plastic City" Tongcheng City, the new town, the transportation is very convenient.  After the company from small to large, from weak to strong 8 years of business development, and achieved certain social and economic benefits.  At present, with a new Guangdong-produced blown film machinery and Zhejiang production of printing machinery and a series of bagging processing equipment, the establishment of a sound blown film, printing, bag processing, and other one-stop production system, products are sold throughout the country, Production of plastic bags 10 million, the annual output of up to 15 million tons, has achieved annual output value of 20 million yuan, at any time according to the needs of customers to provide the ideal plastic bag products.
 Company to HDPE, LDPE, PP, OPP, PVC, PE, non-woven fabrics, composite plastic materials such as plastic bags, varieties of vest supermarket shopping bags, hand hole plastic bags, fashion plastic bags, medical waste bags, With plastic bags, garbage bags and other types of plastic bags, product quality and cheap, courteous service, widely used in supermarket shopping, shops, hospitals, hotels, hotels and other enterprises and institutions.
 With our advanced equipment, first-class technology, high-quality products, good reputation, in similar enterprises in the achieved good results, enjoy a high reputation and reputation.  Enterprises have been municipal municipal government awarded the "advanced enterprise", "home business" and "Star Enterprise" and other honors.
 After several years of hard work in the company, in the market demand growth and the expansion of the scale of enterprises under the premise of the initial formation of a deep national, expanding foreign strategic pattern, the company plans to develop in the past five years to consolidate the domestic market at the same time, vigorously Open up Europe and the United States, the Middle East and other overseas markets.
 The company brings together a wealth of corporate culture, uphold to provide consumers with quality products business philosophy, in the government, all types of enterprises and institutions to promote and support, all staff united as one, hard work, is "bold innovation, integrity Fine "pen writing tomorrow, high spirits toward the future!