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Translucent high and low pressure flat bag Pe hanging bags

Translucent high and low pressure flat bag Pe hanging bags

PE plastic bags: Noodle outer packaging plastic bags with good sealing, tensile strength, high hardness and so on. Because it is generally rectangular, so a noodle packaging plastic bags can be installed a lot of noodles. Not only save the cost of packaging is also an indirect protection of the environment. The hardness of the plastic bag is higher and the stretch is strong, which ensures that the impact of the bump on the noodle in the process of transportation is minimized. But also aspects of people take home and will not appear on the way the bag was torn like embarrassing situation.

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PE plastic bags:

The outer packaging plastic bag has the characteristics of good sealing, good tensile strength and high hardness, and it is possible to install a large number of noodles in a plastic bag which can be used as a rectangle, which not only saves the packaging cost but also protects the environment. Outer packaging plastic bags of high hardness, strong stretch, to ensure that the process of transport in the bumps on the impact caused by the nap to minimize the same. People also take home and not appear in the way the bag was torn Like the embarrassing situation.