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Maoyuan Plastic Industry wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival to send you a lucky dumplings. Green leaves of heavy, is my love deep meaning; white glutinous rice thousands, is my countless thoughts; sweet bean sand center, is my affectionate thick. May you poke up trouble, bite the sweet, taste the happiness, memorable!

Leaves cascade, good luck; rice meters tight sticky, happy cotton; line winding, happy embrace; water blending, emotional thick; dumplings dumplings, blessing no break! Dragon Boat Festival I wish you happy!

Forever long bowl of rice, auspicious Ruyi a 栆, happy and happy leaves, wrapped around a line, happy heart packet into a brown, shy despair to give you, may dear your favorite Dragon Boat Festival.

Days down auspicious dumplings incense, Ai Ye exorcism Fu full house. Dragon Boat Festival, I wish you: "dumplings" gold gold, "dumplings" silver silver, life, such as sweet dumplings, the cause of the dragon boat race, the Dragon Boat Festival happy!

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