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Square at the end of plastic bags - rising star, set its reason

Square bottom plastic bag material has many advantages, making it a rising star in packaging materials. Its main advantages are:

(1) small proportion, light weight. Although the proportion of plastic is less than that of other packaging materials, their strength / weight ratio is large, making it possible to replace some of the larger materials to produce larger load containers (such as barrels, baskets and boxes) ). The weight of the packaging material and the container itself is small, saving handling and transportation costs.

(2) a wide variety of plastic, different personality, to adapt to different product packaging requirements. Plastic can take a variety of modification methods (copolymerization, blending, grafting, etc.) to improve its physical and chemical properties to meet the special packaging requirements. The plastic can also be compounded and coated to form a layer of plastic _ with different properties, or with paper and metal foil (usually aluminum), to become a multi-functional packaging material, or In the paper, cardboard and other materials on the surface of plastic, to improve its packaging function. Therefore, the plastic to the packaging design provides the possibility of pan-selection.

(Such as thin-film, sheet, bar, tube, etc.) and complex shape of the container (such as shaped bottles, barrels, war, barrels, boxes, etc.), you can take the blowing (3) plastic processing technology is good, easy to process into different forms Plastic, extrusion, injection molding, plastic molding, hollow molding, rolling, coextrusion, painting and other molding process, made of many varieties of packaging containers, and equipment investment is not. This is better than metal, glass, paper and wood packaging materials, is clearly a very prominent advantage.

(4) plastic can be made transparent or have different colors of packaging materials and containers, easy to print, bronzing, vacuum metallization and embossing and other decorative process. Moreover, most of the plastic sealing, chemical resistance (acid, alkali, salt, etc.), moisture resistance and other aspects are better than paper and metal materials.

(5) plastic is rich in resources, less energy consumption. The basic raw material for plastics comes from oil and coal. The cost of processing and molding is less than that of metal smelting and glass melting. This is a great advantage for saving energy.

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