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Product design and selection of envelopes with plastic bags

Envelope with adhesive plastic bags can be in the plastic industry downturn in the contrarian shine, must have its unique advantages of the printing market. Today, composite flexible packaging not only with the performance of composite substrate, can enhance the durability effect, and its structure is also to the direction of diversification.

Envelope with adhesive plastic bags printing the general thickness of 7 wire to 12 wire, the minimum MOQ 10,000! Plastic envelopes are made of biodegradable materials made of environmentally friendly large envelope, stickers of the tongue, this waterproof plastic envelope light weight, only about one-tenth of the same type of paper envelope, and low cost, toughness , Anti-fouling, anti-fouling, especially for magazine. Newspaper, distribution agencies and other units mail business purposes. In the global focus on green environmental protection today, the use of biodegradable plastic envelopes instead of bamboo pulp production of envelopes, both economical and affordable, but also save timber resources, promote environmental protection, but also the corresponding savings and postage

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