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Talk about the future direction and development direction of plastic bag manufacturers

Since the 21st century, with the progress of science and technology, the focus of society has long been not only gathered on the issue of wealth. Whether it is online or read the newspaper, there will be large coverage of environmental issues. This is the social development to a certain stage of the phenomenon.

In addition to PM2.5 burst table haze days, there is one thing worthy of our attention, that is, plastic pollution. December 31, 2007, this day, facing not only the arrival of the new year, or an important notice of the implementation, that is, limited plastic order, strict restrictions on the use of plastic bags and production.

From this limit the relevant provisions of the plastic, we can easily see that the affected is nothing more than two types of people: one is like us ordinary people, when we worked hard week, finally at home and family shopping on weekends, but Because the plastic bag charges and disrupt the mood; there is a class is the plastic bag manufacturers, their fate may be more worth worrying.

The state requires plastic bags thickness of not less than 0.025 mm, which requires plastic bag manufacturers should strictly control the standard, not in the shoddy. And in order to break through the traditional model of the shackles, perhaps should break through the following two points.

First, improve product quality. This is based on national requirements. At the same time, but also out of entrepreneurs for this piece of land a care.

Second, reduce production costs. In the premise of improving the requirements, if you do not develop more cost-effective technology in order to reduce production costs, then the development of enterprises will face difficulties.

Third, into the field of new materials. Since the traditional polyethylene material will affect the environment, then why not enter the field of new materials? To produce both environmentally friendly and durable new bags. I believe that as long as willing to invest, it will be a breakthrough.

Society in the progress of the traditional plastic bag manufacturers is the time to seek a new way out!

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