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PE plastic shopping bags new standard final floor

For plastic bag manufacturers, the introduction of national industry standards, often have an impact on production and management. Recently, there are media reports, for PE as raw materials, plastic bags will introduce a new set of standards. The standard for the plastic bags of the printing position, raw materials, additives, packaging have done a corresponding new regulations, and the provisions of the specific content, are higher than in the past.

The new standard stipulates that PE plastic bags of the pattern, the text must be printed on the provisions of the location. In the cup body 15mm, bottom of the bag (from the cup body) within 10mm, absolutely can not have any printed graphic. According to the manufacturer of plastic bags manufacturers, this provision is to improve the safety of PE bags used. PE bag can not be printed at the top to prevent the user in contact with the mouth when the chemical substances into the body. The reason why the low-end PE bag is not allowed to print, because the two bags together when the printed matter is easy to contaminated to another bag. The new standard protects the user from a more granular perspective.

According to the plastic bag custom manufacturers understand the new standard on the PE bag additives also made a new standard to prohibit the addition of fluorescent additives. But the degradation of the material, then reduce the standard, non-degradable material can also be used to make PE bags. This is mainly to consider that fluorescent additives have a potential carcinogenic risk, and now some of the biodegradable materials, due to immature technology, and security is not enough.

In addition, the new standard on the PE bag of raw materials to do more stringent requirements, all PE bags can no longer use recycled materials manufacturing. Printing not only to meet the location standards, and must be environmentally friendly ink. From the consumer's point of view, if you find enough to buy the PE bag printing office like the smell of ink like the newspaper, then we should be careful. Traditional inks contain benzene, which produces the same flavor as newspapers, and benzene is a toxic substance.

There are plastic bags custom manufacturers pointed out that the new standard before the introduction of the three years after the preparation, it introduced the end of the food bags for food without the national standard situation. But there are people in the industry that the introduction of the standard before the industry did not seek the views of the industry, leading to the new standard in the scientific, fair, there are certain risks.

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