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Maoyuan Plastic Industry to tell you: plastic bags used

Plastic bags have a lot of magical, will give you a lot of life brings convenience, home plastic here to give friends a few simple examples, welcome to use:

1. Knowledge of toxic plastic bags:

Touch the plastic bag by hand, feel sticky is toxic, feel lubrication is non-toxic; forced jitter, sound boring toxic, crisp is non-toxic

2. Clever open supermarket plastic bags

There is a thin plastic bags in the supermarket, so that we can hardly hit the pocket, the plastic bag on the frozen food at the opening, gently pull the hand, the pocket was separated!

3. Easily open the plastic bag

Now most people like to use plastic bags stuff, when we are filled with things, or empty plastic bags have knot, it is difficult to open the plastic bag, we will tighten one side of the plastic bag, so hard, into a stick, Along the knot of the direction of a push, you can easily open the knot.

4. So that durable plastic bags

Two handles, according to the right side of the left order of the first line of a live buckle, and then press the right pressure on the left of the order, and then tied to such a strong solid dead buckle on the Department of good. Here to remind is: with this method tied dead, before and after the Department of the two must be the same direction. Either the right pressure left, or are left pressure right, and this method, no handle for the food bag is also applicable. This is very strong plastic bags. With this method, it is easy to fix the plastic bag.

5. Qiao sealed plastic bags

We can buy the small food all of a sudden eat, afraid of it tide deterioration, we can discount the plastic bag on the saw blade on the side of the sawtooth, along the jagged jaw, light Liao about, you can plastic bags On the mouth.

6. Plastic bags clever seal


A. Usually whether cooking or boiling water, turn off the gas stove is sealed plastic bags after the best time.

B. With two hands to squeeze the plastic pocket, leaving the edge to be bonded, the pocket side tightly attached to the stove pot on the protruding part of the pot, slowly rub over, so that the bag has a preheat stick The process of joining.

7. Fresh bags clever seal

Cut the dishes, put in the refrigerator before, have to seal them, introduced a sealed coup, with the most common rubber band.

Wearing a two pull, the pocket to grip up, the rubber band from the side of the package over, one from the other end of the middle through. This is a wear, two drag, and catch the pass through the head, toward the opposite direction of its force to pull. This closes the mouth. Separate is also very simple, toward the outside of the head, gently pull, which opened.

8. Small handle magical effect

The milk box on the handle to remove, it is best two milk boxes, two a connection, so the next time you go to the supermarket shopping, buy more things, just put on the milk box on the handle, your The hand will not feel Le.

Tongcheng Maoyuan Plastic Co., Ltd. is a plastic bag with HDPE, LDPE, PP, OPP, PVC, PE, non-woven fabric, composite plastic and other materials. The varieties are vest supermarket shopping bags, hand hole plastic bags, Medical waste bags, envelopes with plastic bags, garbage bags and other types of plastic bags welcome new and old customers throughout the visit, we will be happy to serve you!

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